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Phil Thorsen

Phil Thorsen

I started as an apprentice in 1986 and then whilst completing the course I was employed at BP Mosman, Cnr Avenue and Cowles Roads, for 15 years, the last 7 of those years were as workshop manager. I left there in 2001, traveled a bit and then decided to try my hand at my own business.

I purchased a factory in Paton Place Balgowlah and proceeded to pull the factory to pieces as it was a computer warehouse with corridors and rooms all over.

Finally I opened my own clean, tidy, environmentally aware workshop in April of 2001. In doing so I have won many outstanding awards for being environmentally aware, through councils and the public sector.

I am a sponsor and supporter of Warringah Triathlon Club, providing a free BBQ breakfast when they have their races at North Head and elsewhere. I also service and maintain most of their member's vehicles and also the club trailers and their equipment.

As for me personally I do like to do dirt bike riding whenever I can, although that is a bit rare these days, I still enjoy the thrill. I ride a KTM300 2 stroke dirt bike and a road bike a Honda VF1000R Race bike. I've been involved in drag racing and motor car racing (on a track).

I have worked on just about every model and make of vehicle from the early 40's to the very latest in cars. There is not much that I can't fix, repair, maintain, service, diagnose or rebuild. So far I have restored mostly Fords, Cortinas to Falcons of all shapes and sizes and models, as you can see on my business cards, they are just two of the many I have completed.

This is a family orientated business, where my mum, dad and sister all have been involved in the running of the business.

Now it is still my mum doing the accounts and my wife and three daughters are involved as my support.

Bev Thorsen

I have been doing Phil's accounts for a few years now. Apart from my interests in the Triathlon World, I have three gorgeous grandchildren who have a very important role in my life. I also like to keep active and fit.
Geoff Thorsen

Geoff Thorsen

For those of us who like to keep fit try to catch this guy, he has competed in over 23 Hawaiian Iron-man and 24 Australian Iron-man championships and as for his sense of humour, look out. Now at the age of 73 and still going strong.

PT Precision Auto is a proud sponsor of the Warringah Triathlon Club.
Family Thorsen

The Family

Nicole Dobosi: Wife, world renowned cellist, tutors the cello and has her own quartet, Mali: 13 years, Jasmine: 4 years and Phoebe: 1 year
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